You have just finished reading all Twelve chapters of Patricia Va A California, where we traveled with Ana and her new friends in Chile. If you were the author and had to add a Thirteen chapter, what would happen? Would Ana see Pepe again? Would he visit her in California? Would Ana return to Chile? Would she keep in touch with Teresa and Jaime?

Please write Chapter Thirteen for Patricia Va A California, This should include a narration and dialogue similar to other chapters in the book. You will present your Chapter nine to the class either in a skit or cartoon through xtra normal. Please see the attached rubric on the back.

Remember : Be creative and have fun!

  1. Students will create a digital movie, using Xtranormal.com.
  2. You will need to create an account in xtranormal .com
  3. Choose your scene design and select two characters.
  4. Make sure you choose the characters you want and that they are Spanish speakers.
  5. Entire your dialogue into the script boxes, selecting the + to add more script boxes.
  6. Using the icons on the left you can change the camera angle, give the characters emotions, and add movement to the characters.
  7. Make sure you add pauses every few words to slow down the spanish.
  8. You will need to check your work by watching and listening to your scenario, in order to be sure that it is understandable for the other students.
  9. Finally, you will post your work on your own blog and on a wikispace.



The students use the target language in a different structure, using an interactive tool. They enjoy exploring the options offered by Xtranormal.com. As they create their chapter they are practicing the four language skills speaking, reading, writing, and listening, therefore expanding their confidence in Spanish.

This project designed and implemented by MaryBeth Acevadp, teacher of languages for Mount Saint Joseph Academy. Wikispace design and technical assistance furnished by Carol Siwinski , Instructional Technology Coordinator.

December, 2009